These are some of the common problems our members have encountered when their loved ones were the victims of murder or manslaughter abroad:

  • The additional distress caused by the geographical distance between where we are and the place our loved one was killed
  • Cultural differences
  • Translation and communication difficulties
  • Lack of (up-to-date) information about the investigation, trial, sentencing or release
  • No single UK agency being set up to take responsibility in the UK or which is proactive
  • Being kept informed by the UK authorities when applicable
  • The expense and difficulty of engaging a lawyer abroad and attending a court case or legislative procedures overseas
  • Exclusion from UK Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority scheme (CICA) because the death occurred outside the UK, and outside British Embassy grounds abroad
  • Difficulties with travel insurance and repatriation of our loved ones body or personal effects
  • Unfamiliarity with the place where our loved one was killed
  • Not being able to visit initially or later, due to financial or other restrictions
  • A lack of care and support for those traveling with our loved one, including our own care after the murder
  • A lack of confidence/doubts about the post mortem (if your loved ones body is found) or doubts about the competency of the investigating authorities.