2nd Annual Wellbeing Conference

Sunday was the culmination of our 2nd Annual Wellbeing Conference sponsored by Always A Chance and the University of Northampton.

Guest speaker, Georgie Vestey, gave her expert insight into effective communication with the media following events creating tragedy and grief. 

American author of "Grief Like No Other", Kathleen O’Hara, also spoke at the event and led a very moving ceremony at the tree of remembrance. Families placed a yellow ribbon on the tree in memory of loved ones who had been murdered overseas.

Much-needed therapeutic sessions were also held during the weekend, including yoga and massage.  

The weekend was a huge success with families expressing how much they appreciated a forum which enabled them to share their stories and feed into opportunities to lobby government for greater support for families affected by homicide abroad.

This important event could not have happened without the generous support of Always A Chance and the University of Northampton and we extend our gratitude to them.