We provide emotional support through:

  • Four support meetings each year, open to all members
  • Putting members in touch with each other; particularly after murders in the same country
  • A phoneline members can call to talk about anything (0845 123 2384)
  • Email support available at all times from

At all times our member controls contact. We do not try to do things for members, unless specifically requested. We keep membership confidential, and anything said to us is kept in strict confidence, unless express permission is given to pass on details to other members, or in order to gain support from other organisations. 

Our meetings are for those bereaved by murder and manslaughter abroad only, but members are welcome to bring a friend or relative for support. We meet for mutual support, to discuss our common difficulties, and look for ways to overcome them. Meetings are informal. We currently hold meetings for Murdered Abroad members in London, Manchester, and Northampton.


Sometimes our members ask for practical support for specific situations. Our resources are limited but we try to help in any way we can. Recently this has included:

  • Helping to write letters to MPs, police, Embassies, Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and other agencies
  • Speaking to police, coroners, FCO Consular Assistance and other agencies
  • Seeking pro bono (without charge) help from lawyers
  • Helping members handle the media
  • Putting members in touch with other members who have had similar experiences and may be able to help them
  • Putting members in touch with victims organisations abroad.