Since Murdered Abroad was founded in 2001 (then called SAMM Abroad), some 264 people have come to us seeking help and support following the murder of their loved ones.

This map illustrates the murders we have direct knowledge of. Where there are no specific details, the family has requested anonymity.

In 2001, the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) were quoting approx 50 “known” murders per year. This has steadily risen year on year. 

A Freedom of Information Request by the Mail in 2015, revealed that in the period between January 2012-September 2015, some 250 Britons have been killed abroad. In total, 53 Britons were murdered abroad in 2012; 78 in 2013; 83 in 2014; and 74 during the first eight months of 2015.

It is not mandatory for the death of a British national to be reported to the FCO or one of its diplomatic missions, so these figures may not be complete.

NB: deaths caused by terrorism used to be reported separately - it is unclear whether they are now included in the official figures.